Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Final Pitch Presentation Progress

Alliterations aside my final pitch is coming together, #3 will be filled in with concept sketches for the power point. I have also learned that I cannot paste directly from Microsoft Word into this blog which is really making me an appreciate WordPad more.

1. To Produce at least six pieces of concept art including prop, environment, and character focused pieces from an original setting of my design. I will focus on technical aspects of the work including improving my integration of perspective and conceptual aspects as I design an original world. This will benefit my portfolio by improving the average quality of and diversifying the types of works present in it as well as showing that I can maintain a consistent style and mood across multiple pieces.

2. I wish to develop a post apocalyptic fantasy setting as I feel this combination of themes has only rarely been used in games in the past. To that end I intend to development two props (or sets of props) that would be appropriate to the world, two different environments, and interior and exterior space, and two characters from two different factions.

3. Place holder

4. Technical concerns for the project are limited as I have worked extensively with all of the tools I intend to use. The biggest potential issue I can see myself facing is file corruption or loss of and feel that keeping backups on both SCAD’s network and my personal computer almost guarantees I will not suffer a significant setback.

5. Schedule:
Week Four : Design and completion of first prop
Week Five: Design and completion of Second Prop
Week Six: First Environment
Week Seven: Second Environment
Week Eight: First Character
Week Nine: Second Character
Week Ten: Presentation and clean up

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I suppose this should have been my first post on here but to expand on what exactly my project is I'm looking to produce at least six pieces of concept art including characters, environment, and props to flesh out a game world. The theme I've chosen for the project is a post apocalyptic fantasy setting as opposed to the more traditional sci fi take. While I doubt I'm the first person to think of this it haven't seen it done often before and am hopeful it will result in interesting or at least unusual pieces for my portolio. I currently plan on trying to adapt themes such as ruined cities and an undead/mutant plague which can easily be transferred to a fantasy setting as well as some equivelent to powered armor which should be a more interesting challenge to integrate.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Furth character development, still likely to change significantly but its starting to come together
Putting ideas down on paper to try at set a mood. Leaning towards the idea of an apocalyptic fantasy setting, sort of the crumbling of the roman empire with magic.

Up and Running

Well, finally have the blog posted, will hopefully start uploading content later today.