Monday, November 9, 2009

On Monitors

Moving between computers in the lab which all have different color settings is making this thing a nightmare to work on. Finally figured out why so many people were telling me it looked dark on their screens though, apparently when I started laying down color I was on one that was unusually bright and saturated.

1 comment:

  1. Hey man, glad to see you're finally pushing some color work out there! the comp is looking pretty good, I especially like the zombie/ghoul whose head just got smashed open. I think at this point, you could pump up the dynamics of the comp by adding more directionality to the flaming flail. For example, consider curving the arch of the flail back a bit more and maybe tilt his arm up a bit more. This might help make it look like he just smashed the zombie. In addition, you could add a trail of embers arching around the trajectory of the flail and fading out as they get closer to the zombie's smashed head. This will add some additional visual flow and continuity to the comp. Finally, I know you're not quite to this point yet, but also consider adding an overlay color layer - this will help unify the color scheme a bit. Right now, you have the character/creatures depicted as they would in neutral light but that isn't how they would look in their current environment. Consider what underlying color would be most dominant in the setting and apply that to the whole canvas as an overlay.
    Hope that helps...