Thursday, November 19, 2009

One of the goals of this project was to work on my use of color and I wanted to practice that on at least one character, I still have a lot of details I need to complete for this sheet.

Background. Expeditions into the ruins of imperial cities are fraught with peril and some kind of protection is an absolute necessity. Many artificiers unwilling to trust mercenaries or men at arms gird themselves in arms and armor augmented by their own arcane abilities and personally lead such journeys. This particular example shows one such man clad in a partial suit of animate plate. These suits as the name implies seem to possess their own intelligence and strength, carrying themselves so that their wearers can move in what would otherwise be impossibly bulky gear. With the secrets of their creation seemingly long lost rumors and myths have sprung up to fill the void, the least damning of which still claim they are powered by the souls of fallen warriors, bound to the armor.

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